Hot Dip Galvanised Finish ( standard)
With this option you gain maximum protection from rust penetration as all parts of the steel both internal and external and including all welds are totally coated with a galvanised protective layer. This is critical for base plate installations and corrosive environments.

Powder Coated Finish (arranged by request)
This option provides both a protective and decorative finish to the steel framework and is available in a wide range of colours. Proper preparation of the steel is vital to ensure a quality finish that will last for years. Powder coating must only be performed over galvanised steelwork. In some cases it is advisable to incorporate both of the above finishes particularly around water or near the sea.

We have the latest spec Wedge Welding Equipment for Vinyl and Waterproof Shade Sail Fabrics.

We can do both webbing and stainless steel cable edge sails, all our fitting are 316 grade stainless.

Product Materials – there are many products to choose from in both waterproof and shade, we use only the best quality materials and can advise you on what will best suit your needs and budget.

No matter what construction style your Home or Business Premises may be, you can find a fixing point to secure a Shade Sail or Shade Sails, Eg – for brick walls, custom made steel plates are used.  If you have a tiled or metal roof, you can fix to your roof joists and trusses using readily available Shade Sail Brackets.

Click the product types below to see the range of colours and sail fabric types:








(Click Here for Shade Sail Care & Warranty Guide PDF)